About Us

Our mission is to decipher politics, engage citizens, & preserve democracy

We specialize in

  • Policy research
  • Risk management
  • Opposition research
  • Civic engagement

We have experience with

  • Super PACs
  • Non-profits
  • Campaigns
  • Private sector
  • Land-use
  • Surveying

The Team

Crossroads Consulting, a research consulting firm, is dedicated to deciphering the complexities of the social and political landscape. Our team’s rich experience spans working with super PACs, non-profits, presidential campaigns, and advocacy campaigns. We specialize in political and policy research, organizational risk assessment, and strategic services. We guide clients to navigate the political landscape and provide strategic intelligence to support them in making effective decisions. Our work goes beyond providing solutions – we are committed to fostering equity and stewardship in the political arena.

Nathan “Woody” Romine

Master in Urban Planning
Policy Expertise: Housing, Immigration, Latin America

Dynamic researcher and adept community facilitator, fluent in English and Spanish, that possesses an outstanding ability to distill qualitative and quantitative data and foster strong community-client relationships, specifically regarding matters that pertain to housing, urban development, and immigration.

Tawab Malekzad

Policy Expertise: Climate, US National Politics, Middle-East

Seasoned research professional, he brings years of in-depth political insight in campaigns and climate-focused initiatives. His diverse roles span from major presidential campaigns to PACs. With a proven track record in due diligence and political research, he is poised to leverage his expertise for transformative impact.

Nate Ren

Master In International Affairs
Policy Expertise: AI, Cyber, East Asia

Detail-oriented analyst with a keen understanding of US-China relations; fluent in English and Mandarin with a passion for languages. Bolstered by non-profit and start-up experience, they bring a unique, non-binary lens of analysis, eager to leverage their international background for global impact.

Our Values

As a cooperative, Crossroads Consulting exemplifies our dedication to democracy and active citizen engagement.

Our structure allows for equitable profit distribution and prioritizes our clients’ needs over external shareholder gains. 

By fostering social responsibility, we extend our mission beyond serving clients, positively impacting our broader community. 

This model reinforces our commitment to:


Local Empowerment